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Ayahuasca Shamanism Basic

Day 1: Arrival & Preparation

In the afternoon, at around 2 p.m. we will pick you up from your hotel in Cuzco to head to the ceremony house, located in the so-called “Sacred Valley” of the Urubamba River. Upon our arrival, we will participate in a ceremony of offering to the Pachamama, or Mother Earth. We will get settled in and do some activities in order to prepare for the following days. Overnight in the ceremonial home.

Day 2: The First Ceremony

After a brief breakfast, the first ceremony will begin. On that day, we will incur in the Wachuma Ceremony, known locally as the “San Pedro” cactus. This first ceremony will take place for most of the day, and possibly even into the night, depending on the status of the people involved. After the ceremony we will talk about our experiences, which will be followed by overnight

Day 3: Getting Connected & Ayahuasca Ceremony

On that day, we will do some nice walks around the area, to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and share our experiences with the rest of the people involved. We will also get a chance to talk about our lives, and our relationship with the planet, which will be important to understand for the experience that will take part with the Ayahuasca ceremony later that night. The ceremony will start after sundown, prolonging itself until 2 or 3 in the morning.

Day 4: Leaving the Ceremony Site

On the last day, at around 10:00 am we will pack up and head back to our hotel in Cusco.


Gross Rates per Person

Pax Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-8 9-11 12-13 14-15 16
Price US$ 775 530 530 505 505 505 505 505 465 465 465


Private Transport to and from Ceremonial Center, Accommodation on Ceremonial Site, Shaman During Ceremony, Translator (English, Spanish, Quechua), Private Ceremony, Optional: Ceremony of Offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth)

Not Included

Airfares, Personal Travel Insurance, Tips, Mineral Water for Ceremonies, Other Expenses Not Mentioned


Recommendations: Warm Coat, Rain Poncho/Waterproof Jacket, Lantern, Do NOT Bring Cameras or Valuables, Vistadome

ALERT! If you are interested in this tour, it is essential that you read this information


The ancient Medicinal Brew, Ayahuasca; has been used by Shamans and philosophical guides for centuries, as a means to understand both ourselves and the world that we live in. The chaotic character of our existence can be interpreted, and in some ways understood, by our own perceptions through the usage of this ancient method of introspection. We invite you to try this incredible experience in a safe and peaceful environment, where you will learn about yourself through a journey into Your mind.


Intentions are key, when dealing with the Ayahuasca. This is a tool for introgression and for self analysis, which will lead the people involved into trails to experience strong emotions. The need for a guide to help you interpret the various occurrences during the ceremony is important, as to avoid a bad experience, and to take you back into a calm state of mind from which you can handle the ceremony in a way to avoid getting hurt both emotionally and physically. For the preparation of the ceremony, we have arranged healthy meals, comfortable beds and relaxed, beautiful spaces, where one can connect with oneself, with the mountains and with the mother-earth.


We recommend that partakers in the ceremony will begin the recommended diet 7 days previous to the first ceremony. Consistency in meals is recommended. Avoid drinking alcohol, chocolate, and coffee, spicy food, fermented meals, sugar and salt. Please abstain from tobacco and other drugs!

3 days previous to the ceremony please abstain from meats, dairy products, sugar, and salt. The day of the ceremonies you will not eat any meals, and previous evaluation of dietary needs will be discussed so as to take this into the most efficient way. In the case of a “Healing Session” (more than 2 ingestions of the sacred brew), this diet will be implemented 15 days previous to the ceremony.

One to three days previous to the ceremony

  • No meat, fish or seafood of any type.
  • No citrus fruit, including oranges, lemon, kiwi, pineapple or passionfruit.
  • Abstain from: any type of Tobacco consumption, any type of alcohol, any type of drugs (legal or not), sex or intercourse.
  • People who will not be able to participate: females on their period, pregnant or in lactation, people who have a history of heart disease or preexisting conditions.

One to three days previous to the ceremony

  • In the morning you may only ingest papaya juice
  • No other food or drinks beside water is permitted during the day, until the Ayahuasca Ceremony begins

The Day after the Ceremony

  • No alcoholic beverages until at least 24 hours after the ceremony
  • Rest and recuperate energy after the ceremony
  • Return to your regular eating habits


For the preparation to the ceremony, it is important that you focus on Yourself and on your energy. We recommend not having any sexual relations 1-3 days before the ceremony, and during the retreat.


During the retreat, it is important to always have a specific mindset. We try to cultivate respect, humility, strength, positivity, trust, and confidence, but above all, honesty to you and to others.

The ceremonies are always done after 7 pm. The location of this ceremony is in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a location chosen for its cultural and ancient value, as well as the symbolism of taking place in such an important ceremony in an idyllic location in Peru.

Effects of the plant: After about 30 minutes of ingesting the brew, participants will feel physical sensations similar to those of consuming alcohol. A feeling of disorientation and nausea may be common, as well as vomiting may occur. Diarrhea may also happen as your body feels the need to expel all substances currently in your body, as a natural physiological effect.

Following all rules placed by the Shaman is very important for creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved.

The first effects of the brew usually take form of visions, where participants of the ceremony may see sights of their own life, of past experiences, of nature and of the universe and the cosmos. This step is where you establish a connection to the “Pacha Mama”, or Mother Earth.

Participants are not limited to only visions, but also physical and auditory hallucinations may happen. It is not uncommon for participants to experience Synesthesia, where one of your senses connects to a completely different one in ways that participants may have never felt before, such as tasting sounds, hearing colors, or feeling the temperature of music.

The extent to which the mental and physical effects of the brew may take, depend entirely on the capacity of participants to follow the rules and indications of the Shaman, as well as the mental and physical awareness and openness of the people involved.

The ceremony takes around 3 to 4 hours, with peaks in the hallucinations and the effects happening at different times through the ceremony. This will depend entirely on the physical condition of the participants. After the ceremony has ended, participants will feel tired, and will return to their accommodations to rest.


We cultivate openness in communication with the shaman, as it is an important part of the healing process. We enjoy and find it necessary to give yourself time for meditation and silence each morning. We recommend not using electronics during the retreat, as a way to reduce our dependence in our everyday tools, reduce distractions, and as a form of respect to other participants.


The ceremony should not be taken as an excuse to try something different or new, or as a mock to the shaman or the practices. People involved must believe in that the ceremony will help them understand something about themselves, and figure out what can be changed in our lives.

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