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Andean Shamanism Tours

Andean Shamanism is a system with no strict rules. It is a constant learning and teaching process during which the only golden path one has to follow is the respect for each and every living thing.

It is originated from one of the most ancient culture that ever existed, the Incas. They believed that knowledge of any kind should not only be shared but also made to be part of their everyday life.

According to their beliefs, the Andean Cosmos has three levels of existence – each with a different energetic quality:

  • Hana Pacha / Superior World, where only refined energies live, including ascended masters, like Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.
  • Kay Pacha / Time or Earth, our 3D reality where we live. All the material things, refined (sami) and heavy (houcha) energies (In the Andean world good or evil does not exist, only heavy and light energies.
  • Uhku Pacha / Interior or Underworld, that is within our world and every soul.

Andean Shaman-Priests live in a so-called Dreamtime, therefore do not think like us. They have no concern for materialism, like cars and houses. They focus on the infinite varieties of living energies (Kausay Pacha). Every living thing, every material object has its own energetic consciousness, a “bubble” that surrounds it and interpenetrates the material world.

Andean Shamanism teaches the way to communicate with the world of living energies, the world of magical experiences. Pachamama, the Inca equivalent of Mother Nature, is believed to give us everything that we see, touch, smell and taste. Through Andean Shamanism, we learn to deepen our relationship with Mother Nature that provides us with food, shelter and clothing. In the shamanic world, our imagination, abilities to daydream, our intuitions, receptivity and special abilities and senses allow those things to happen that could not happen with a patriarchal mindset.

Andean Shamanism teaches that we belong to the land we stand on, therefore there is a love relationship between our bodies and Pachamama.

According to a Incan prophecy, in 1993 a cycle of time has ended and a new one began. This means that a 5th level of consciousness emerged among shamans, priests and healers, while the general population of Earth attains a 4D consciousness. Those, who eager working with Earth and living in Harmony with Nature and other humans can learn from Andean Shamanism and raise to a higher level of consciousness as they will learn to leave their fears and worries behind, and share their accomplishments as they care for Earth and each other.

The best way to advance along the path is to teach. Sharing knowledge will help us honor our teachers, as well as Pachamama herself.

Andean Shamanism Tours

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